Why does the right supervisor matter?


I have had the privilege to supervise practicum students and candidates for licensure over the past seven years.  I view supervision as a collaborative process and have valued my time throughout the years having the opportunity to work with and learn from talented clinicians.  Finding the right supervisor for you is one of the most important choices you will make during the course of your career.  


The work that we do requires an in-depth search of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  The complexity of therapy requires attunement with our own interpersonal style and reflection on our relational patterns.


During your time as a candidate you will learn valuable skills to help you in your work with clients, but you will also begin a self exploration process that won't end at the close of your candidacy.  Having a supervisor to guide and support you during that process is extremely important.


The first step in choosing a supervisor should be determining fit.  Please contact me to schedule a meeting.  At that time we can decide if we would like to work together.  I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you.


References are availabe on request.